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Saladin Pirates:
  • Trial of the Saladin Pirates (1844); From the original transcripts; (Halifax: Petheric Press, 1967); 65 pp.

    Salusbury, John (1707-62):
  • Expeditions of Honour: The Journal of John Salusbury in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1749-53 (Newark: University of Delaware Press, 1973). § Halifax at its beginning.

    Savary, Mr. Justice Alfred Wm. (1831-1920):
  • See under Calnek, History of the County of Annapolis (1913); This is Savary's learned supplement to Calnek's history; (Belleville: Mika, 1973).
  • "Life of Savary"; A paper by Rev. T. C. Mellor, read before the Historical Association of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, February 6th, 1922; a 41 p. pamphlet.

    Schubenacadie Canal:
  • "The Schubenacadie Canal Guide," a 28 p. glossy pamphlet; photos; (The Schubenacadie Canal Commission, 1989).

    Shimabuku, Daniel And Gary F. Hall:
  • St. Paul's Cemetery; Occasional Papers in Anthropology, No. 10, Department of Anthropology, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, 1981. § This work contains much useful information, including: a 'complete list" of those Buried (p.15); average age of death century, by century (p.93); major events by year (pp. 9-11)

    Shirley, William (1694-1771):
  • The Correspondence of William Shirley (1731-60); C.H. Lincoln, ed.; (New York: MacMillan, 1912).

    Siebert, Prof. W. H.:
  • "The Refugee Loyalists of Connecticut"; Extracted from The Transactions of Royal Society of Canada (May, 1916); 75-92 pp.

    Silver, Arthur P.:
  • Farm-Cottage, Camp and Canoe in Maritime Canada or the Call of Nova Scotia to the Emigrant and Sportsman; With intro. by Lord Strathcona; And with 97 Ills., mainly from Photographs; advts. at back (Hardy rods & tackle and Greener guns); (London: Routledge, 1907).

    Silver, B. C. & Watson Kirkconnell:
  • Wolfville's Historic Homes; (Hantsport, Nova Scotia: Lancelot Press, 1967); pp. 36.

    Sinclair, Lister:
  • The Blood is Strong (Book Society of Canada Limited, 1956). § A Drama of Early Scottish Settlement in Cape Breton.

    Smith, Edgar Newbold:
  • American Naval Broadsides, A Collection of Early Naval Prints (1745-1815) (New York: Potter, 1974).
    § Plates: Landing at Louisbourg (1745), John Paul Jones, Constellation, Constitution, President, Little Belt, Guerriere, Isaac Hull, Wasp and Frolic, Macedonian, Stephen Decatur, Java, a whole series of pictures of the Shannon and the Chesapeake, Lawrence, Endymion, Hornet, Cyane & Levant, et al.

    Smith, G. C.: § Smith was from Penzance, Cornwall.
  • The Mariner's Cabinet (London: Westley and Davis, 1826). § This is a series of "One Penny Tracts" bound up into a book. The purpose of these tracts was "to aid the great object of maritime institutions, by interesting his [Smith's] brave companions in arms in matters of eternal import. ... Masters of vessels would do well, therefore, to take a stock with them, especially if bound to the east or West Indies, the Mediterranean, or South America."

    Smith, H. I. & W. J. Wintemberg:
  • Some Shell-heaps; Federal Dept. of Mines Bulletin No. 47, Anthropological Series, No. 9; (Ottawa: King's Printer, 1929). § This 193 pp. government publication deals with two archaeological sites, Merigomish Harbour and Mahone Bay. There are contained therein write-ups on various aspects of native life, including: food, implements used for securing and preparing food, habitation, etc.

    Smith, Marilyn Gurney:
  • The King's Yard, An Illustrated History of the Halifax Dockyard; a 56 p. glossy pamphlet; (Halifax: Nimbus, 1985).

    Snider, C. H. J.:
  • The Glorious "Shannon's" Old Blue Duster, and other Faded Flags of Fadeless Fame; Ills. (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1923).
  • The Story of the Nancy and Other Eighteen-Twelvers; Ills. (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1926).
  • Under The Red Jack; Privateers of the Maritime Provinces of Canada in the War of 1812 (Toronto: Musson, n.d.). § "The Liverpool Packet," "The Dart," "The Sir John Sherbrooke," and the Jolly-Boat.

    Spicer, Stanley T.:
  • Masters of Sail; (Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1968).

    Stairs, Wm.:
  • The Story of The Stairs Organization (Halifax, 1960). § This 20 page pamphlet while being mostly commercial "hoop-a-la" does have a couple of pages at the first of it which are interesting.

    Steele, I. K.: § A Professor, or, at least, was, of history at the University of Western Ontario.
  • Politics of Colonial Policy: The Board of Trade in Colonial Admonistration: 1696-1720 (Oxford University Press, 1968).

    Stephens, David E.: § Stephens, at least at one point in time, was a high school teacher and a resident of Musquodoboit Harbour. "Mr. Stephens collects Nova Scotia relics and publications as a hobby and does extensive historical research and writing." (NSHQ#1:2, p. 168.)
  • Lighthouses of Nova Scotia (Windsor, N.S.: Lancelot Press, 1973). § Bibliography.

    Stewart, Gordon:
  • Documents relating to the Great Awakening in Nova Scotia (1760-91) (Toronto: The Champlain Society, Vol LII, 1982). § Ed. and intro. by Stewart. Subjects include Winslow, Hancock, Gerrish, Salter, Eliot, Henry Alline, etc.

    Stoddard, Natalie B.:
  • The Micmac Indians of Nova Scotia; 22 pp. pamphlet about tools, food, etc.; (Halifax: N.S. Museum, nd).

    Stone, Arthur J.:
  • Journey Through A Cape Breton County: Pioneer Roads in Richmond County; 164 pp.

    Sparling, Mary: § Curater of Education Nova Scotia Museum.
  • A Guide to Some Domestic Skills (Published by the Nova Scotia Museum, 1972). § Butter Making, Candle Making, Wool Processing; a 10 p. pamphlet.
  • Great Expectations, The European Vision in Nova Scotia 1749-1848; Early artists and their works in Nova Scotia: Thomas Jefferys, DesBarres, Bartlett, et al.; (Halifax: Mt. St. Vincent University, 1980).

    Summers, Jack L. & Rene Chartand:
  • Military Uniforms in Canada: 1665-1970; Ills. (Full colour plates.) (Ottawa: National Museums, pub. No. 16, 1981).

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