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Published bibliographies of Nova Scotia include: A Catalogue of The Akins Collection of Books and Pamphlets (Thomas Beamish Akins) compiled by Sheila I. Stewart (PANS, 1933) under the direction of D. C. Harvey; Nova Scotia in Books: 1752-1967 being a 40 page pamphlet published by the The Halifax Library Association in 1967; The Atlantic Provinces (probably the best) by William Morley; (University of Toronto Press, 1967), Studying Nova Scotia, a bibliography and guide by Robert Vaison (Halifax: Mt. St. Vincent University, 1974); and Cape Breton - a bibliography, compiled and edited by Brian Tennyson (Halifax: Dept. of Education, 1978). Reference should be made to Harvey's "History and Its Uses in Pre-confederation Nova Scotia" (The Canadian Historical Association, 1938) pp. 5-16, "The Importance of Local History in the Writing of General History," Canadian Historical Review, XIII(1932) p. 244, and "A Microcosm within the Canadian Mosaic: Researching and Writing a Local History in Nova Scotia"; by Philip L. Hartling found in The Nova Scotia Historical Review (NSHR) (1981), vol.1, NSHR#2, p.34. In the hunt for Nova Scotia History books, regard ought to be given to the bibliographies found in a number of published books such as, for example; Bell (Foreign Protestants), MacNutt (The Atlantic Provinces), and Peterson's (The Loyalist Guide). And, finally, for a list of the books (I suspect numerous) that have come on to the market in later years see the journal Acadiensis Index (1971-91); also see the back parts of the volumes of the Nova Scotia Historical Review (first started in 1981; NSHR), "Book Reviews."

Anyone who has given the slightest look at any of the above noted bibliographies will see that it would be a monumental job to put together a comprehensive bibliography that deals with the books about the history of Nova Scotia. Thus, no claim is made that the ensuing list is comprehensive; but, your compiler is content that is does include most all books in a Nova Scotian historical context which have been published up to the year 1970.

Most of the books listed herein below are out of print, but show up, surprisingly often, at used book stores: two of which I can recommend and are located in Halifax: Schooner Books and John W. Doull.

This material may be freely duplicated and distributed for non-commercial purposes; and, to this extent, copyright claims are hereby waived; provided always that credit to the compiler/author, Peter Landry, is given with specific reference to the home page or web site as shown: Crosslinkling is encouraged.

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